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My Vehicle was repossessed can bankruptcy help me get it back?

 Posted on August 07, 2019 in Uncategorized


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can even help you retrieve a vehicle from a Creditor who has already repossessed your vehicle.

In order to retrieve and keep your vehicle through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you will need sufficient income to repay the amount that is owed on the vehicle plus interest at the LIBOR rate plus 2%. Further, the Chapter 13 Trustee, the person who collects and disburses your payments to creditors, charges a fee set by the Court at 10% of each one of your payments. This effectively makes the interest rate around 15% on the outstanding principal balance.

Further, a Chapter 13 plan can require payments on other debts, i.e. IRS, Child Support, Homes, Unsecured Creditors etc. It may be that your plan would require payments in addition to supporting the principal and interest due on your vehicle. For a more in depth analysis you can call our office and one of our attorneys will meet with you to help determine what options you have to retrieve and retain your vehicle. Time is of the essence when filing to retrieve a vehicle. Once the vehicle has gone to auction and sold and a Bankruptcy has not been filed before hand a Bankruptcy will not help you retrieve the vehicle.

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