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Acker Warren Fresh Start Scholarship

The deadline for our Fall 2024 scholarship is May 22, 2024

Apply Now For The Chance to Win

At the law firm of Acker Warren P.C., we have dedicated our practice to helping people get a fresh start for themselves and their families. Acker Warren hopes to help first-time college freshmen to find a fresh start, too. We understand that education is expensive, and we hope that the Acker Warren Fresh Start Scholarship helps students get one step closer to achieving their goals.


Twice a year our Arlington, Texas firm provides two awards, each worth $1,000, to students who are starting their college careers.


To contact us, please reach out to our team at: sserddA liamE wohS.

The deadline for our Fall 2024 scholarship is May 22, 2024.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible students for the Acker Warren Fresh Start Scholarship meet the following requirements:

  • You are a freshman attending college this upcoming semester.
  • You are currently or will be enrolled in an accredited college or university for Fall 2024.
  • You are at least 17 years of age.

Ready to Apply?

When you are ready to apply for our scholarship, please include the following information:

arrowContact information
arrowProfessional headshot (.JPEG)
arrowProof of enrollment (PDF or .docx)
arrowEssay of approximately (PDF or .docx) 500-1,000 words

Use the essay to answer the question below:

How will obtaining a college education help you to start fresh? How does starting fresh benefit you, and what may be some of the drawbacks?

Choosing Our Winner…

After the deadline, it will take our scholarship team approximately one month to review all applications and select the winner. We review each application diligently and consider the following evaluation criteria to determine the best applicant:

penDid the applicant meet all criteria and provide all requested information?
bulbIs the applicant’s writing creative, organized, and of high quality?
keysDoes the essay fully answer the prompt and meet the required word count?

Acker Warren Fresh Start Scholarship Awardees

Ella Sturgis

Spring 2024 Winner - Ella Sturgis

Acker Warren P.C. has named Ella Sturgis as one of two recipients of our Spring 2024 Fresh Start Scholarship. Ella is currently a freshman at Christopher Newport University pursuing her degree in political science. We are honored to support Ella with this scholarship and look forward to seeing her continue to excel in her future endeavors.

Jasmine Keith

Spring 2024 Winner - Jasmine Keith

Jasmine Keith has been named as one of the recipients of the Fresh Start Scholarship for the semester of Spring 2024. Jasmine is pursuing her dream of becoming a dental hygienist and is currently a freshman at Utah Valley University. It is an honor to provide Jasmine with this scholarship and we look forward to seeing her continue to follow her dreams.

View Past Winners

Contact Our Team!

Feel free to contact our team via email at sserddA liamE wohS. Please note that our scholarship team is only available during working hours. Please refrain from reaching out via phone or contact form.
We encourage you all to apply well in advance of the deadline, and we are happy to help you with any issues you may encounter.

Scholarship Application

The Acker Warren Fresh Start Scholarship is managed through the OVC Scholarship Network.

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